This is a review I did on Youtube of the Brusletto Rognald, a wonderful whittling knife designed by the Norwegian company to honour their founder, Rognald Brusletto who created the company in 1896.

This is the Helle Polar, now sadly discontinued. It has a curly birch handle and a stainless steel blade. I like the three inch blade, which is just the right length for whittling and carving and the handle feels good too. Note that the knife does not have a finger guard where the handle meets the blade. This makes it ideal as a whittler as a guard so easily gets in the way.


The Norwegian knife makersаBruslettoаsupported a campaign a couple of years ago to encourage children to take up whittling as a way of preserving a traditional craft by bringing out this little knife, the spikkekniv or whittling knife. On the handle is a picture of a little troll or a ‘spikketrollet’ that is easy to carve out of a piece of branchwood. Here’s my attempt on the left. The spoon alongside the knife is carved from applewood. This knife has been adopted by my son Aidan as ‘his’ knife. I’m pleased that whilst he won’t take any instruction from me, at a recent weekend inаWooplaw Woodsаmy palаGavin Phillipsаsat him down and stopped him slashing anyone within an arm’s radius so that he was soon sharpening birch spears in safety!

This is the Svante Djarv sloyd carving knife with a home made leather sheath. It’s a good quality carbon steel blade that holds its edge well and is easy to sharpen. at 6cm long I find this is the perfect length for carving.

IMG 0552 ай David Knight 2018