A Gransfors Baby Hatchet with red beech handle. A really useful, light axe that can fit into a rucksac for trips into the great outdoors and great for spooncarving!

This is a lovely plumb axe which my colleague Bill Oakes sourced from eBay Australia! It has a beautiful curved blade with a weight and bevel perfect for hewing small objects such as spoons. The second image includes a spoon blank from alder I knocked up when I was able to play with the axe

Here's an image of Willie Sundqvist at the Flint Mill, Beamish Museum in 2002 with his very large hewing axe. Watching him wield this on what were relatively small spoon blanks was fascinating. I had a go with it and it was far too heavy for me. I think it's aаFitzi goosewing axeаfrom Switzerland, but happy to be corrected on this. ай David Knight 2018