Spoon Blogging

Please do visit my blog!

I’m blogging about my green woodworking experiences atаhttp://davidknight5.wordpress.com/. Please do check it out and leave a comment to encourage me! See below for other green woodworking related blogs I enjoy reading.

To decorate the page here is a picture of my daughter Lauren enjoying her breakfast from a chunky sycamore bowl and spoon carved from ash. "Dad, why can't I have my cereals in a normal bowl?!"

Other Blogs of Note

If you are seeking inspiration, information or insights from other woody bloggers out there a couple come to mind. Wood turner and spoon carver Robin Wood blogs at greenwood-carving.blogspot.com, whilst Peter Follansbee writes about his woodworking experiences based in the USA at 'The Joiner's Notes' аat pfollansbee.worpress.com Back here in the UK Living Woods editor Nick Gibb writes about his
life and work as editor and publisher of British Woodworking, Living Woods and Smallwoods magazines at nickgibbs.wordpress.com.

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